Casper Balo X RAW58  - Clothes racks of industrial pipe

Casper Balo x RAW58 samarbejde

Find Casper Balo´s Instagram-profile here.

RAW58 has made a collaboration with reality contestant and influencer Casper Balo when he needed to utilize the space in his bedroom and in addition to organize his wardrobe with clothes rack in iron pipes. Casper is primarily known from the reality show Paradise Hotel season 16.

Double clothes rack Vincent

The double clothes rack Vincent was therefore obvious, as you use the space and height in the room as it is 212 cm tall. At the same time, it is in a simple design that fits into any decor.

So you can have a surprising amount of clothes on a double clothes rack, and at the bottom there is room to store your shoes, bags or similar storage. The Vincent clothes rack also works extremely well as a room divider, as a double clothes rack with its two rows makes a kind of wall with the clothes hanging on it.

Vincent dobbelt tøjstativ sort 

Find the Vincent clothes rack here.

Clothes rack of black industrial pipes

Balo chose the Vincent clothes rack in black industrial pipes with 164 cm width with brass joints. The black color of the clothes rack in black industrial pipes is really raw and masculine, but with finesse and details in the form of the gilded corners that give a perfect match.

Vincent dobbelt tøjstativ i vandrør

However, a clothes rack in black industrial pipes can also easily fit into a more feminine home, if you want the raw and rustic New York look.

Find our clothes racks in black industrial pipes here

Clothes rack with shoe rack

The Vincent clothes rack is also available in silver, and in addition you can add a nice wooden shelf on top so that it becomes a clothes rack with a shoe shelf. The shelf is oil-treated to give an extra bold authentic look and a bold interplay between the cool metal from the stand and natural wood from the  shelf

Tøjstativ med skohylde

The clothes rack with the shoe shelf can also be used for other than shoes, as you can have decorative items, hats or whatever you want on the shelf.

Find our clothes racks with shoe shelf here.


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