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Mie Iversen's daughter Anna needed a makeover in her teen room. There was way too much clothing for an overly small children's clothing rack. So she needed a bigger and much cooler stand.

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Our black Alma clothes rack in industrial pipes was the solution to her problems. A very cool black large clothes rack that has room for everything. On one side you have room for your short clothes shirts and blouses, and on the right side you have room for long jackets and dresses. On the right side you also have a hook that you can use for jewelry, bags or whatever you think. The right side with extra space is perfect for Anna, so she has space for the boxes, and the same goes for the hook for her bags and cap.

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Clothes racks of industrial pipe

Clothes racks of industrial pipes have many different designs that fit into both home and business. A clothes rack of industrial pipe gives your home decor a raw and minimalist look in New York style. Not only do you get a minimalist look, but at the same time you get a personal and durable wardrobe solution.

Since the webshop opened in 2016, we have already received a number of popular products that our customers are particularly pleased with: the Peter, Alma, Vincent, Emma, ​​Conor and Enzo clothes racks in industrial pipes that can help create a bold New Yorker style in Your home. With our Peter clothes rack in iron pipes, you get a rack that has a built-in shoe shelf for storing bags and shoes. Not only do you get space for shoes and bags on our Peter stand, but in addition you get a wide stand in two sizes that fits into all interior design.

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Our Alma stand gives you space for dresses on one part of the stand and on the other side you have the option of storing shirts and trousers on hangers. On the outside of the stand you get a hook where you have space for handbags and jewelry. The stand is available in two different sizes and thicknesses. The Vincent stand is a single stand that can fit into virtually any home decor. You have the option of storing shirts, t-shirts and pants on a hanger. The Emma stand has a simple and minimalist design that gives a fresh breath to your wardrobe. The Conor clothes rack is mounted with screws into the rear wall and does not have to be mounted in the floor. The Enzo clothes rack in industrial pipes is our most popular stand, where you can determine the distance between the legs of the stand.

The various clothes racks in industrial pipes can be bought in black and galvanized. If your company is in need of an interior design solution, we also sell our clothes rack in industrial pipe designs for business.

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Plumbing pipes for clothes racks

Before we opened the webshop, we spent a long time researching what material our racks should be made of and the choice fell on plumbing pipes for the clothes racks. We have many years of experience from the plumbing world and quickly realized that plumbing pipes for the clothes rack were the best choice of material.

The material is robust and gives a raw look. It's not just about finding the material where the clothes racks look best - we only want the best and therefore we use plumbing pipes for the clothes racks. And in terms of design, we also think that these plumbing pipes can do something. It gives a raw look that fits really well into a variety of home decor and styles. And it is guaranteed to compliment the visuals of your home or room decor.

There are also practical reasons that make plumbing pipes the obvious choice to make your next stand from. It is incredibly durable. And that's nice of you, of course. That way you get rid of teasing racks where things break, break and have nothing to do with. When you choose plumbing pipes as a material, you avoid a cheap plastic stand that does not last very long - and therefore you have to go out and change the stand often. With a stand built on plumbing pipes, you get a durable and faithful stand. In addition, plumbing pipes are an easy DIY project, so we can quickly help you make your very own clothes rack according to your own head and design.

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DIY clothes racks of iron pipes

We can also help you with your do-it-yourself solution of a completely unique product. Draw a quick line drawing of your desired design, remember to apply measurements to the drawing. Remember that the measurements you state must be the complete measurements, so always measure from outer edge to outer edge.

So whether you are missing steel legs for your plank table for the perfect DIY plank table for you, or you would like a little help with a low-cost clothes rack in iron pipes, we can help you make your dream product a reality.

With our extensive experience in interior design and design, you always have the opportunity to design your own new self-made clothes rack, so we can help you make your very own DIY clothes rack. Make your own clothes rack in iron pipes is a service we offer to customers who want something unique that fits into your home decor. We have made shoe rack DIY, steel legs for plank table and bookcase iron pipes.

Send your drawing to our email raw58@raw58.dk. We can often deliver within 1-3 working days, but of course it depends on the task.

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