Business interior design - Get your products out in the right light with a unique wardrobe and storage solution in raw iron pipes.
At RAW58, we have helped more than +50 business customers to put together and design a unique wardrobe and storage solution that has met the company's vision and needs.

From sketch to raw design.

If your company wants a unique wardrobe and storage solution in raw iron pipes that is not up to standard dimensions, then we have put into words the creative process in which we go from sketch to raw design.

To start with, we meet either physically or by email with the company, where we go out and measure up to clothes racks or the suspension in raw iron pipes. Once we have put into words the customer's thoughts and wishes, the design process begins, where we come up with various design proposals for the company.

Once the company has received the design proposals on the desired query, then the company approves the desired design.

After the company has approved the desired design, we create an order link where the design is paid for. Once the design has been paid for, we begin production of the desired design.


Get your very own interior designer for your next B2B interior!

We do not only make clothes racks and hangers in raw iron pipes on special dimensions and standard dimensions. We are also specialists and interior designers with a special focus on lambskin, light sources and home interiors. In other words, it is possible to get a complete interior with both clothes racks, hangers, hangers, shelves and much more in raw iron pipes.


Get your products in the right light!

Your sales start at the door and your customers buy with their eyes. With a clear and carefully selected product range, a nice appearance and a good overall impression, you ensure that your customers are interested and curious from the first moment of purchase. Give your customers a great experience and let them be a part of your brand.