Below we have gathered the questions we most often get from our customers. If you do not find an answer below, you are more than welcome to contact us.
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Shipping and delivery

What's the delivery time?
Delivery time is 2-4 business days for our products. If you need a specially designed product, the delivery time is usually also 2-7 working days, otherwise we say so.

What does the shipping cost?
In the vast majority of cases, shipping costs just euro 10. You can always see the shipping price on the basket page, or before you place the order.

Who delivers my package?
We deliver your package with GLS, these are the ones we have experienced have the fastest delivery times and are most reliable. You can order delivery to a parcel shop or to a private / business address

Where do you deliver to?
We deliver to all of Denmark and Europe. If you can not see your country at checkout, then email us at and we will find a price for you.


The products in iron pipes

How much weight can your products carry?
Our products can withstand several 100 kilos in weight, so you do not have to be afraid to hang large jackets, bags etc. on the racks.

Our racks are made of steel tubes which have a wild durability, so the only thing you need to be aware of is that you use large screws and raw plugs that are made for your wall. Inside each product, we link to screws and rawplugs that we recommend you use.

Can a drywall support your racks and hangers?
There are 2 types of drywall that are single sheet and double sheet. If your plaster wall is double-plate, you can use the screws and raw plugs that we link to inside each product.

If your plaster wall is single-plate, we recommend that you go to a DIY store and buy screws and raw plugs. In a DIY store, they have some really powerful rawplugs that expand behind the plaster, and almost form a hook behind the plaster.

Our Conor clothes rack is very suitable for e.g. plaster walls. Conor can be purchased here.

How much clothing can your wall mount carry?
Our products are made of tubular steel so they can carry hundreds of kilos, so you just have to give that gas by hanging heavy jackets and bags up on the hangers. What determines how much clothing you can hang up is your wall. If it is made of brick / concrete, it is not a problem as long as you use the correct screws and raw plugs. You can buy screws and raw plugs inside each product. If, on the other hand, you have a plaster wall, plaster walls come in 2 types, single-plate and double-plate. If you have a double-plate plaster wall, this is not a problem. However, if you have a single-plate plaster wall, we would recommend that you go to a DIY store and buy special raw plugs for this. You can buy some raw plugs that expand inside the plaster, and in that way you can hang a lot of kilos up. In our office, for example, we have hung a bicycle on the wall, in a plaster wall.

Do you paint your black pipes?
Our products come in 2 tube colors silver and black. The black tubes are not painted because they therefore seem as authentic as possible, producing the beautiful New Yorker style. The black tubes may therefore vary in surface area.

What is the pipe thickness of the pipes?
Our clothes racks are all made of 3/4 "tubes which are approximately 27 mm. In diameter. This makes them wildly robust. It is always stated on each item what the tube thickness of the item is.

Delivering in my clothes rack overall?
If you order a clothes rack from us, we have gathered the feet for you, as they need to be tightened well. The rest is super easy to assemble, and does not take long, just screw it together. You will of course receive an assembly guide, and otherwise our assembly instructions can be downloaded here.

How do I assemble my clothes rack?
Our products are very easy to assemble, and of course we have made assembly instructions for all our clothes racks. You can download the assembly instructions here.

Are all your shelves with oil?
You can buy our shelves in 3 editions.
1. Untreated
If you choose the Untreated shelf, you get the absolute most natural and authentic shelf we make, super delicious and raw. The untreated shelf receives a very light sanding treatment.
2. Dark pine
This shelf has been given an oil treatment. The oil treatment gives the shelf a protective surface. The dark oiled shelf has a more driftwood look that we love.
3. Light pine
This shelf has been given an oil treatment. The light oil treatment leaves a shelf with a super elegant look, especially suitable for you with a feminine home decor.

Can you order in special sizes or according to your own design?
You can definitely, you can read more about the possibilities on our design yourself page here


Other things

Have in a physical store?
Yes we have a showroom/store in Aarhus in Denmark.

Is there a discount for large orders?
If you are considering placing a larger order, send us an email to and we will make you an offer.