Are you look for a cool shopfitting or a durable and beutiful exhibition stand for a trade fair?

Indretning af dametøjsbutik i Risskov med produkter i vandrør

Do you need help or inspiration for your shopfittings, or do you need a durable stand for your exhibition stand that is easy to set up and pack down, which can keep on being used over and over and over again. We got a wide selection of industrial pipe clothes racks, wall mounted clothes hanger rails, wall hanging shoe racks and shoe racks for floor in rustic decor. 

Our products can be styled so that they fit perfectly into your store, and you achieve the absolutely perfect atmosphere for your particular brand with the perfect store decor. We are also ready with interior design tips if you need it.

Create the right atmosphere with cool industrial pipe clothes rack and clothes shelves

We have a wide selection of products where everything from industrial pipe clothes rack, Wall mounted clothes hanger rails and hangers which allows you to make optimal use of the space, and create a cohesive style throughout the room. 

We can put a shoe rack on many of our popular models so you can exhibit products on top and make the most of the space. We also have different shoe racks where especially our Felix clothes shelves for wall will be optimal to place it exactly where it fits. Our industrial pipes can be styled up, to create an elegant style, or styled down to create a bold rustic shop decor, and a raw atmosphere. If you need interior design tips, you can contact us, and we can help create the perfect interior for your particular store.

Inspiration til indretning af tøjbutik med rustikke vandrør

Create a rustic decor for your exhibition stand which can be used over and over again 

If you need a setup of industrial pipe clothes racks and clothes shelves for your exhibition stand, then we can help you choosing the right products that help you make the most of your space, brings rustic decor, and at the same time are easy to set up, pack together and can be used over and over again. You are welcome to contact us for interior design tips or advice on making the perfect exhibition stand.

Flot indrettet tøjbutik med produkter fra Raw58

Our wall hanging shoe shelves offers optimal use of space

Our Felix industrial pipe shoe rack or Ella clothes shelf, can bring your goods up to eye level with the customers, and the wall hanging shoe shelves creates space to exhibit all your products so that they are seen by the customers. The wall hanging shoe shelves makes a cohesive style throughout the store, when you combine it with ours industrial pipe clothes racks.

Elegant butiksindretning med vandrør

Do you need custom-made products or interior design tips?

Write to us and we can help you set up your store. If you already have the perfect idea, we can customize our products to your specific shopfitting, or make some completely unique industrial pipe clothes racks, which fits directly into your premises. We can also help you with interior design tips if you are not quite sure how your premises will be utilized very best with the right shop fittings.

Rustik indretning af en tøjbutik med vandrør i sort

Contact us 

If you have any questions about our shopfittings, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to help you find exactly the solution that meets your needs. You can always contact us on tel. +45 60 78 84 76 or write to us at or via the contact form.