Prices and Reservations

The prices on the website are incl. VAT. RAW58 reserves the right to change prices, typing errors, sold-out items and technical errors, and RAW58 reserves the right to cancel an order in the event of an error in the price of the item. Before the purchase is made, the shipping price is stated.

The products

All our products are made of iron, and each individual pipe is unique. Cosmetic differences can naturally occur on the pipes / fittings. When we receive the black pipes, they are lubricated in oil. The oil coating protects the pipes when the supplier stores them. We strive to remove as much of this oil as possible. Therefore, the pipes are washed to remove most of the oil coating from the supplier. RAW58 does not replace clothes or anything else that has been damaged due to lack of cleaning of the products.
The products from RAW58 are assembled at your own risk and are delivered partially assembled or in individual parts. RAW58 disclaims responsibility for improper handling / assembly of the products. To achieve the best result and maximum stability / durability, the products must be clamped as much as possible. In some cases it may be necessary to use a pair of pliers to achieve this. If the racks are not fastened correctly, they can tip over, and the accompanying damage caused by this is at your own risk. RAW58 cannot be held liable for these damages.
The products are made for hanging clothes, bags, jewelry and kitchen equipment etc. The products must not be used for physical strength training.


At RAW58 you can pay with; Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer and Mobilepay. The money will not be withdrawn until the item has been sent / picked up from us. All transactions / payments with RAW58 are made through an encrypted SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection. All data sent in connection with your purchase with a payment card is encrypted and can only be read by PBS. RAW58 and any third party can in no way see the information exchanged when you shop at RAW58.


Shipping and delivery

When you shop at RAW58, the shipping amount is always clearly stated on the website before payment. At no time will hidden fees or charges be added to the payment. Each product is informed of an expected delivery time. Should the customer be in doubt, then the customer can contact RAW58.
The expected delivery time is an estimate and RAW58 cannot be held responsible for any additional costs caused by delay.
All orders are shipped with GLS. When your package is delivered to a private or business address, then receipt must be received upon receipt. GLS can provide packages without a receipt, if you want this, please write it in the comments field for the order. If the customer is not at home upon delivery, then GLS delivers the package to the nearest parcel shop. It is the customer's own responsibility to pick up the item at the parcel shop.

Right of complaint

As a consumer, you always have a 2-year right to make a complaint if your goods suffer from defects. If this happens, RAW58 is obligated to rectify this error by repairing, exchanging or reversing the sale, depending on the specific situation. Injuries caused by; improper use, lack of maintenance or ordinary wear and tear are not covered under the right of complaint. If you find a defect in a product, you must complain to RAW58 as soon as possible.

Right of withdrawal

When you shop at RAW58 you always have a 14 day right of withdrawal. The right of withdrawal applies from the day you receive the item. The right of withdrawal can only be used if the item is returned in the same condition and quantity. The right of withdrawal therefore lapses if we assess that the product has obviously been used. It is not possible to return an item made to special measurements. When using the right of withdrawal, the buyer pays for any delivery costs in connection with the item being returned. Damage caused by the shipping company that is used to send the item back with, RAW58 can not be held liable. The return item must be accompanied by a note with the order number on the order. As soon as we have received and approved the item, we will transfer the amount to your bank account as soon as possible. Refunds are only made to the payment card that has been used during the transaction. If we consider that the conditions for the right of withdrawal have not been met, we will contact you by e-mail with a reason. If the item is not accepted for return, the item can be picked up at our address or sent at your own expense. There is no right of withdrawal on special orders that are produced to measure.

If you want to return an item, first contact us by email so we know that the package will be returned.
Then the package must be sent to the address below:
Mindet 6b
8000 Aarhus C
Remember to include a note in the package with your contact information so we can see who sent the package.

Personal Information

In order to be able to send goods to you and provide the best service, we ask you to provide your name, address, e-mail and telephone number when you shop at
This information is treated confidentially and is not passed on to third parties.
When you place a special order on, your email address will appear in the product title, so we can find your order.

Discount codes

It is only possible to redeem one discount code per. Order. Discount codes can only be redeemed during the order. It is not possible to get the amount credited later. Discount codes can have a minimum order value. Discount codes have an expiration date.
Discount codes may be tied to specific products or promotions. Discount codes cannot be used on discounted items or on sale.